Thursday, November 21, 2019

MOW at work

   Meals on Wheels (MOW) is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that delivers meals to members of the Franklin, Pennsylvania area community.   
   Our goal is to provide well balanced, nutritious, and affordable meals to individuals who for physical, medical or economic reasons are unable to prepare meals for themselves.  We also deliver a warm smile and safety check to the elderly and convalescing members of our Franklin area community.
   We strive to help maintain clients in their own homes for as long as possible, thereby preventing early and sometimes unnecessary moves to long term care facilities.

Chairman of the Day
Dedicated Server
Hard at work to serve our clients

Franklin MOW volunteer

Franklin MOW volunteer

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  1. I have been a volunteer for Meals on Wheels for 15 years. What a wonderful organization that focuses on providing hot, fresh, and healthy meals to people who may not be able to shop and cook for themselves. Our Clients are so very appreciative. I love seeing their happy faces.